Apple Store, 5th Avenue

Posted by Brian on May 22, 2006

Yesterday my wife and I went to the grand opening of the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. We decided to take the day off work and enjoy some time in the city until the store opened at 6:00 PM.

Arriving at the store at about 11:00 AM, we found just a few people that had evidently camped out on the sidewalk. After going for a bite of lunch we returned at noon and joined the line as #36 and #37. We spent the next six hours watching the crowds and excitement build. At one point we even endured a drenching thunderstorm!

Steve Jobs and a number of celebrities were on hand for the store opening. Once inside, we spent some time with the new MacBook laptops.

Take a look at our photo album for some pictures of our experience.

Also, be sure to visit the Internet Archive’s copy of the Apple Store, Fifth Avenue Gallery for more photos of the store.